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Social Media Advertising – Getting the Most Out of Your Promotions, Kenshoo Social

Kenshoo Social commissioned a study with Forrester Consulting about the key to social media marketing and advertising. After conducting a survey with 105 social advertisers that spend over $100,000 per year on social ads, Forrester found that more than one-third of them were not satisfied with their marketing efforts. They found that many of these advertisers were not taking the correct strategy to sustaining success on social media channels.


Why Your Super Bowl Ad Budget is Better Spent on Facebook

This article was written by Vernon Wharff, a marketing strategist at Ampush. It was originally posted on the Ampush blog. Ampush helps enterprises leverage the social graph for marketing success. Ampush is part of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program. The Super Bowl is the single largest television event in the United States, and one of its biggest cultural [...]


Survey suggests Facebook advertising benchmarks: $0.80 CPC, 0.041 percent CTR

Facebook advertisers see an average cost per click of $0.80 and average clickthrough rate of 0.041 percent, according to a survey released today by Social Fresh.

The survey of 347 advertisers found that respondents who worked for an agency had higher average CTR than vendors and marketers who worked directly for brands. Advertisers who promoted content on Facebook saw higher CTR and lower CPC than those who drove traffic to third-party sites. This information can help other marketers benchmark their own Facebook ad performance.


The Dynamic Facebook Ad Marketplace – Tracking changes in Supply and Demand

Guest post from Hussein Fazal, CEO of AdParlor

One of the most interesting metrics we track is the Facebook recommended CPC (cost-per-click) bid. When creating any ad through their self-serve tool, Facebook offers a suggested bid based on the demographics you have selected. This recommended bid is a dynamic calculation that reflects the real-time state of competition within the marketplace. For a new account, Facebook will assume that you can achieve an average CTR of 0.04% and suggest a fair CPC bid for your ad based on what other advertisers are bidding in order to achieve impressions.


How Search Marketers are Reaching Local Customers on Facebook

As Facebook’s audience continues to grow, more marketing agencies that have traditionally focused on search are beginning to experiment with Facebook. Inside Facebook spoke with Devin Davis, the Director of Marketing at G5 Search Marketing, a search agency that focuses primarily on the local market in the US. Below, Devin compares his experience on Facebook to SEM and shares examples of campaign tactics that have performed well on Facebook.

Could you give a quick summary of the type of clients G5 works with and the types of campaigns you run?


From Keyword Targeting to People Targeting: Understanding Performance Advertising with Facebook’s Tim Kendall

In order to gain a deeper understanding of how Facebook sees its performance advertising business, we sat down with Tim Kendall, Facebook’s Director of Monetization and performance advertising head. Below, Tim shares his thoughts with us on Facebook’s positioning of performance ads in the marketplace, how performance advertisers are succeeding using Facebook’s solutions, and what messages about Facebook’s performance advertising opportunity are resonating with agencies today.


Interview: How Specialty Brand Bonobos Drives Sales on Facebook

About Bonobos

Bonobos, Inc. is a rapidly growing designer and retailer of higher-end, hand-made pants targeting “discerning men… ready to upgrade” their style.

While many small to medium sized retailers drive a large portion of their sales through search marketing, many are beginning to experiment with different marketing channels inside Facebook to reach new customers.

We spoke with Dave Eisenberg, VP of Marketing at Bonobos, on reaching the right target demographic via Facebook, and asked him to share his perspective on how the Facebook advertising market has changed over recent months.

The Interview

Could you give us a little background on your experience with Bonobos on Facebook?


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