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Using Facebook to Build an Email List

Marketers interested in reaching more customers on Facebook can now do so with the introduction of email targeting tools such as Custom Audience Targeting and Lookalike Audiences. With these tools marketers are able to reach and connect with people that similar to their existing audience or reacquaint with estranged customers. The first step to targeting by email address is to collect email address from interested parties. There are a number of strategies to collect these email addresses through Facebook marketing.


Cost Per Action Pricing

Facebook has introduced a new way to bid for ads on its platform: Cost Per Action.

For now, this new type of pricing is only available through the Ads API, which is usually reserved for a Preferred Marketing Developer. However, it could eventually become available for the self-serve ad tool and Power Editor, so it is important to become familiar with now, even if you do not run ads through a third-party provider.


What is a Preferred Marketing Developer?

A Preferred Marketing Developer is a developer that builds tools that seek to make social marketing easier and more effective. To be part of the Preferred Marketing Developer Program, a developer must earn a PMD badge from Facebook by displaying inventive capabilities that help marketers scale and achieve efficiency, and which extend measurably beyond the functionality of Facebook’s native tools. The badge can expire and must be renewed by Facebook as developers meet ongoing standards.


Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines

Before you start running Facebook Ads, it is important to know the guidelines and restrictions Facebook has put forth regarding ads on the platform. Facebook puts forth these restrictions with users in mind, ensuring the best experience and protecting their interests. At the same time, it is also trying to protect its own brand.


How to Do Multivariate Testing for Your Ads

If you are running ads on Facebook, there are ways to ensure that your ads are achieving your goals. One technique is to run multiple ads with subtle differences to either prove or disprove its relevance to the intended audience. You could be running these ads simultaneously to ensure that you are receiving impressions from your intended audiences.

By creating and testing multiple ads, you gain the perspective of which audiences are responding to which type of ads. After understanding the influence these ads have made, you can then choose to support ads that are providing favorable impressions and leading to conversions and eliminate ads that have been ineffective.


Will you be my image? Check yes or no

This article is a cross-post from AdParlor’s company blog. AdParlor is a leader in handling large Facebook and social advertising campaigns.  It is currently managing more than one billion impressions per day utilizing proprietary technologies it creates customized Facebook campaigns including dynamic ad creation and real time bid optimization. Alright marketers, let’s state the obvious, Facebook’s one [...]


Deciding Between CPC and CPM for Ads

Now that you have decided to purchase ads, you need to distinguish between using Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM). You should choose one of these depending on the goal of your campaign and what you are trying to accomplish. This article will help you decide which pricing choice is best for you.


Why are Call to Actions so Important?

A call to action, or a CTA, is a request for a website visitor to perform an act or an action. So for Facebook, it might be explicitly asking users to Like your page or share a post. It has been found that including a CTA will lead to better results for all types of Facebook engagement.

This article will look to help you understand why calls to action are so important, not just on Facebook, but for all of your marketing.


The New Newsfeed: How this Change Affects Marketers and Advertisers

Facebook has introduced a redesigned version of News Feed which has already begun rolling out for select users. Facebook has stated that this update was not going to affect brands and pages. However, because News Feed is arguably the most integral part of a user’s experience on Facebook, it is important to adapt quickly to any small changes that might take place.

This article will look at some of the new features and how they will affect how you market to your audiences on Facebook. Though there are not any changes to EdgeRank or what stories are shown in users’ feeds, there are still things to take into account when the redesign rolls out completely.


How-to: Choose Between CPC and CPM for Facebook Ads

How to Choose Between CPC and CPM for Facebook Ads

When creating a Facebook Ad, you can specify how you would like your audience to engage with your content. This can be done in the Objective section of Facebook Ads

In the “Objective” section you can select whether you want your ad shown to people who are most likely to “Like” your page, “Join” your event or click on your ads. When you choose “Like my Page” or “Join my Event,” Facebook requires you to pay by impression.


Facebook Ads: Worth My Money?

Considering that everybody and their mother is on Facebook, buying ads for it would seem like a no brainer. Depending on who you ask, it can be either a great way to advertise or simply a waste of money.

This article will look at the positives and the negatives of Facebook advertising. Right off the bat, It should be understood that Facebook Ads should not be treated as a simple solution, but instead an addition to an already focused social media presence.


Minimizing Your Facebook Ad CPC Bid Prices by Avoiding Bid Competition

When running ads on Facebook, advertisers need to think about more than just creative and targeting to achieve optimal performance at the lowest cost.  By avoiding periods of high advertiser competition, the same performance can be achieved for lower bid prices.

Since Facebook has a limited supply of users that can be advertised to, it uses a marketplace system where the advertisers who bid the highest for a click from a certain demographic have their ads shown. To reach targets for the lowest cost per click, advertisers should consider running ads when bidding competition from other advertisers is low.

Here we’ll discuss strategies for maximizing advertising performance through strategic timing, and back up them up with data from AdParlor, a company that helps some of  the largest brands and game developers buy ads through the Facebook Ads API.


Guidelines for Alcoholic Beverage Brands Advertising on Facebook

Facebook recently updated its advertisement policy guidelines with significant new restrictions to ads for or depicting alcohol.

These guideline changes specify that all alcohol ads must now be targeted by country, and cannot target any users in a set of predominantly Middle Eastern countries. Additionally, alchohol ads cannot include creative that misleads users to think alcohol is healthy, suitable for minors, or a contributor to success.


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