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Facebook Growth Rate: Is it a valuable metric?

Fanpage Karma, an online tool for analyzing Facebook pages has released some statistics on pages’ growth rate in relation to page size and engagement. Fanpage Karma has noticed significant patterns around these insights. From these insights, you will be able to compare how your page is doing and what kind of expectations to establish for organic or paid campaigns.

Growth rate is a metric which tells you how quickly your page is gaining fans. By having a large growth rate, you are building your organic audience and increasing your page’s total potential reach. But how valuable is growth rate to your page? Is it something that your page should strive for?


How One Non-Profit Raised $14+ Million through Facebook

Movember launches a global movement every November to raise awareness around men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. Men start Movember 1st (November 1st) clean-shaven and for the rest of the month, seek out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts. Participants and supporters raise awareness during the campaign by prompting private and public conversation around men’s health issues.


In 2011, Movember used Facebook to drive awareness around and raise more than $14 million USD for global men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.


Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry: Eat24

Many different businesses in the restaurant industry have used their Facebook page to connect with their customers on a very personal level. In the case of Eat24, a food delivery service spanning across 750+ major cities, they have used Facebook as a fun and interactive way for fans to contact them quickly and directly. The [...]


How to Educate Bosses, Colleagues and Clients about Facebook Marketing

For marketers, one of the most powerful aspects of Facebook is the ability to precisely measure each stage of how content is consumed and shared – whereas even sophisticated digital marketing of the past decade has often relied on estimation and imprecise audience tracking, Facebook’s value proposition to marketers and advertisers is precision in targeting and measurement.


Facebook Engagement Tactics: A Subject Analysis that Will Help You Discover Emotional Triggers

This is a Guest Post from Doug Schumacher, Co-Founder of content strategy tool Zuum. This article originally appeared on ContentMarketingInstitue.com.

What will improve a Facebook page’s engagement rates? It’s something most content marketers spend a lot of time thinking about, because knowing this information enables them to activate the community, adding to the page’s value. And evaluating social media properties is an inevitability in this industry.


How One Story Proved to Facebook That UPS Has Got Soul

It’s not often that companies get to make waves for encouraging employees to do the right thing, especially when it means a dereliction of the employee’s primary duty. Only recently, we heard about a life guard who saved the life of a swimmer in distress, but because he did it outside the company’s designated zone, he was disciplined and subsequently removed from his job.

UPS, it seems, is one of the rare corporate goliaths that still remain in touch with humanity. While on his daily round, Kenneth Donleycott got a radio call from the local police to let him know that an elderly man with Alzheimer’s had gone missing and to look out for him. Having located the gentleman, Kenneth remained with him until the authorities arrived. UPS posted the story on their official Facebook page and encouraged people to Like it to show appreciation for Kenneth’s actions – very heart-warming considering how many other companies discipline staff for showing some compassion and humanity.


A New Creative Canvas – Paul Adams

Paul Adams of Facebook Product Development has provided this seminar on how Facebook fits in media technology. He delves into how to engage people using Facebook. It is focused on communication and what matters to people.


2011: The Year in Facebook Page Management

Page owners saw a number of improvements in the design and features available for their marketing and community-building efforts this year. The social network eliminated a few features, but these moves seemed to be in favor of promoting engagement and avoiding spam.


Case Study: Local Facebook pages outperform corporate pages in terms of reach, engagement percentage

Facebook pages for local branches of a business generate greater reach and engagement than their corporate counterparts, according to a study by Mainstay Salire in collaboration with Hearsay Social.

On average, a Facebook post from a local division reaches five times the percentage of fans as a post from a corporate page. The study also found local posts see engagement from eight times as many of the fans reached compared to corporate posts. These results suggest that companies should consider maintaining Facebook pages for local stores or branches in addition to a main corporate page.


2012: A focus on telling stories, not just sharing content

To understand the future of Facebook Pages, let’s first take a look at their history:

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Facebook pushed to get both large and small businesses and organizations to create and maintain Pages.

In 2011, the company pushed Page owners to focus on sharing rich and engaging content with users via their Pages, and pay to promote this content using a new advertising format called Sponsored Stories. This pushed marketers to focus on creating and curating content, and move away from a pushier advertising orientation.

With its introduction of Timeline for Pages in 2012,


Case Study: How Papa John’s Connects with Over 1 Million Fans on Facebook

More brands are engaging with Facebook’s 550 million users through Facebook advertising solutions and the Facebook Platform, patterns of best practices are emerging for brands in different verticals. We sat down with Bob Ford, Papa John’s Director of Online Marketing, about the ways the pizza restaurant chain is reaching customers on Facebook.


Case Study: Levi’s Facebook Efforts Power Offline Fader Fort Marketing Campaign

About Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world’s largest global apparel brands. Levi Strauss & Co. is a
publicly traded company that runs four major sub-brands:

  • Levi’s
  • Dockers
  • Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Denizen

In early 2010, the Levi’s brand division of Levi Strauss & Co. began a significant initiative to
reach its customers through Facebook by using the site’s brand marketing features to drive
online traffic and attention toward an offline promotion it was pursuing at South by Southwest
Music (SXSW), a popular music, entertainment, and technology conference held in Austin,

The Marketing Challenge


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