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Using Facebook to Build an Email List

Marketers interested in reaching more customers on Facebook can now do so with the introduction of email targeting tools such as Custom Audience Targeting and Lookalike Audiences. With these tools marketers are able to reach and connect with people that similar to their existing audience or reacquaint with estranged customers. The first step to targeting by email address is to collect email address from interested parties. There are a number of strategies to collect these email addresses through Facebook marketing.


The Benefits to Using Threaded Comments

Facebook has enabled threaded comments for all pages. This allows for users to comment on specific comments attached to a post.

For example, if someone were to comment on a photo a page posted, you or a fan can now add an additional comment underneath the original comment. The way it was organized before, comments were ordered by time it was added, causing earlier comments to be hidden while newer ones came in. It was also unclear whether a comment was a response to the original post or to an individual comment.


What is a Preferred Marketing Developer?

A Preferred Marketing Developer is a developer that builds tools that seek to make social marketing easier and more effective. To be part of the Preferred Marketing Developer Program, a developer must earn a PMD badge from Facebook by displaying inventive capabilities that help marketers scale and achieve efficiency, and which extend measurably beyond the functionality of Facebook’s native tools. The badge can expire and must be renewed by Facebook as developers meet ongoing standards.


Facebook Home: What Marketers Can Expect

Facebook has introduced new, robust Android experience called Home, which establishes users’ friends as the focus of their mobile devices. Though it will only be available for select Android devices at first, it will roll out to others through Google Play.

The sleek user experience deeply integrates Facebook’s normal functions such as browsing News Feed, messaging, image sharing and receiving notifications. This article will discuss what to expect from a marketing perspective.


Facebook Privacy Issues: How Marketers Should Approach Privacy Concerns

Being the number one social network in the world, Facebook can be thought of as an online index of people, their friends and all of their interests. With so many people providing so much information about themselves on the site, privacy concerns of what can be shared and viewed are constantly in the forefront.

New features such as Graph Search have brought user privacy under the microscope. Posts about privacy and copyright are constantly going viral across users news feeds. While many of these posts are hoaxes, the fact that these posts are being shared speaks volumes about the attitude of how people feel about the safety of their privacy on Facebook.


How the Most Liked Pages are Engaging their Audiences

The top five most Liked pages on Facebook range between 67.5 million and 212 million page Likes to market to. Although the sheer volume of fans is impressive, it does not necessarily speak to the overall health of a page. A better way to gauge the success of your Facebook marketing efforts comes from a combination of metrics such as People Talking About This (PTAT) along with page Likes.

This article will look at the top five most Liked pages on Facebook and review how they are engaging their audiences. Using our Facebook metrics tool PageData, we are going to compare each page’s total page Likes and PTAT — the two public metrics available for any page on Facebook. We will also consider the metric of PTAT over Page Likes. This metric will help us see how much of an audience is engaged with a page. It should be noted that users can engage with a page without Liking it, but this metric can give us a general estimate. From here, we can then evaluate how the brand is using Facebook as a marketing channel and offer suggestions for tactics you can employ in your own campaigns.


The New Newsfeed: How this Change Affects Marketers and Advertisers

Facebook has introduced a redesigned version of News Feed which has already begun rolling out for select users. Facebook has stated that this update was not going to affect brands and pages. However, because News Feed is arguably the most integral part of a user’s experience on Facebook, it is important to adapt quickly to any small changes that might take place.

This article will look at some of the new features and how they will affect how you market to your audiences on Facebook. Though there are not any changes to EdgeRank or what stories are shown in users’ feeds, there are still things to take into account when the redesign rolls out completely.


What Facebook Means by the 20% Rule for Cover Photos, News Feed Posts

Facebook has changed its policy regarding text overlay on pages’ cover photos and news feed ads, limiting text to only 20 percent of an image.

Facebook previously had policy in place restricting “calls to action” and “price and purchase information” to prevent advertisers from sharing images that looked more like traditional banner ads. Now the social network will allow calls to action in news feed ads and promoted posts as long as the text takes up less than 20 percent of the area of the image.


Gaining Likes by Text Message

Most people have their cell phone right at their fingertips at all times. Though a large amount of Facebook users use smartphones to access the social network, there are still many people that access the site through feature phones. Actually, according to AppData, the most liked page is Facebook for Every Phone, an application for feature phones that enables users to view their feed, make posts and take other actions on Facebook.


George Takei’s Tactics in Creating a Social Media Following

George Takei is a 75 year old Japanese American actor famous for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original TV version of Star Trek. Most recently, Takei has established himself as a social media powerhouse with over 2 million Facebook fans. Though the number of likes his page has collected is nothing to scoff at, the rate of engagement his posts garner is what is most impressive.

With only 2 million fans, Takei’s posts receive anywhere from 40,000 likes and 50,000 shares. His posts receive just as much engagement as bigger name celebrities/companies boasting over 30 million fans. Movie star Zac Efron has around the same number of fans (around 2 million), but does not see the engagement numbers as Takei. Even Eminem, the most liked public figure on facebook, does not see the engagement numbers that Takei creates.

This article will look at ways to employ Takei’s tactics for marketing your own Facebook Page. It will look at how Takei takes advantage of his audience’s responsiveness and what motivates them to engage with his content.


Run Promotions Within Facebook’s Guidelines

Running promotions on Facebook Pages and inside Facebook apps is one of the simplest and most effective ways of engaging Facebook users. However, while Facebook does allow third parties to run contests and promotions on Facebook, it has been posting increasingly specific guidelines throughout the past year detailing just what is and what isn’t allowed.


Increase Engagement and Insight through Status Tagging

In late 2009, Facebook launched “status tagging,” a new way to tag friends, Pages, groups, and events in status updates, much like mentions on @twitter work. Here’s how it works: when writing a status update in the publisher, you can tag connections by using the “@” operator to select any friend, Page, group, or event in a dropdown menu. When a connection is tagged, its name is automatically linked, and your post also shows up on their wall. When you’re tagged, a notification is sent to you as well, and you can remove tags of yourself in others’ posts. It’s a very engaging and powerful way to include friends and connections in status updates.


How-to claim a “vanity URL” for a Facebook Page

Facebook has made it possible for people, and brands, to acquire custom “vanity URLs” for their Facebook profiles, opening up the username landrush and enabling marketers to register recognizable and concise “vanity URLs” for their Pages.


How to Use Facebook’s “Merge Duplicate Pages” Feature to Gain Fans

Your official Facebook Page may not be getting all the fans it deserves because users are accidentally Liking unofficial duplicate versions of your Page you’ve created. These missing fans cost you news feed impressions and clicks and ad targeting opportunities, or require you to waste time managing multiple duplicate Pages. Fortunately, Facebook now offers the “Merge duplicate pages” tool to allow you to roll fans from duplicate versions of Pages into your official Page.


How to Sync Your Facebook Page Updates With Your Twitter Profile — and Why You Shouldn’t

For the busy marketer, syncing the updates from your brand’s Facebook Page with your Twitter profile can seem like an easy and convenient way to minimize the time it takes to manage both accounts. However, as we explore below, we recommend you write custom version of your content for Facebook and Twitter, as cross-posting can work against your goals instead of for them.

But first, we’ll cover how Facebook’s official Twitter application allows Facebook Page owners to automatically syndicate their posts to Twitter after installing the app on their Facebook Page.


How to Export Your Facebook Page Updates to Twitter

Facebook’s Twitter application allows Facebook Page owners to automatically syndicate their posts to Twitter after installing the app on their Facebook Page.

As the Page administrator, you can decide whether you want to share each update with your Twitter followers, and you can control which types of updates to share (status updates, links, photos, notes, events or everything). If you have multiple Pages, you can also link each of those Pages to different Twitter accounts. Updates are posted to Twitter with a short URL from bit.ly.


How to Schedule a Page Post

In May 2012, Facebook announced that Page administrators would now be able to schedule their Page posts. Prior to this, many Page admins have used third party applications to schedule their posts. This article will walk you through the different steps for scheduling a Page post.


How-to: Add Milestones to A Facebook Page

Milestones are special posts that appear larger on your page and help tell your company’s story. You can post about milestones that happened recently or any special event in your company’s past. These posts can be attached to any date on a page’s Timeline

Milestones work as a great tool to create compelling stories about your company’s history. This is especially true for small businesses as milestones can show how deeply rooted and connected the business is with the community.


How-to: Run a Contest on Facebook

Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to generate buzz and gain new fans interested in your brand and/or product. It is also an opportunity to reward existing fans and encourage them to engage with your content. Users are usually more willing to sign up for something for the potential to win a prize.

However, Facebook contests do have some restrictions. This article will walk you through the steps you must take to promote a contest on Facebook. It is important that you adhere to Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines because pages that use Facebook to run contests against their regulations run the risk of having their page deleted entirely. To avoid being reported for improper practices, you must be mindful of this along with all other Facebook policies, as well as state and federal regulations.


How to Highlight Fans with your Cover Photo

With the introduction of Timeline and Cover Photos, brands and marketers have adjusted their pages to match the visually stimulating layout. Acting almost as an internet billboard, Cover Photos take up a substantial amount of screen real estate. For more information about about selecting a great Cover Photo, refer to our article.

Some brands that have utilized their cover photos to connect with their audiences are Dunkin Donuts, Oreo, and the card game Uno. “Fan of the Week” type of promotions are a simple and visual way to highlight fans and keep a Cover Photo fresh. It is drives social engagement and does not significant technical prowess.


What are Admin Roles? How Can I Use Them?

Facebook Pages supports an assortment of administrator roles with different levels of functionality. They have provided this image:

This article will walk through all the different roles and the type of people who should have access to each role.


When is the Best Time to Publish a Page Post?

In order to optimize the best engagement, it is important to decide when to publish a post. Now that Facebook has introduced a feature that allows page owners to Schedule Page Posts, it is now incredibly easy to strategize when to publish a post to ensure the best opportunity for engagement. This article will go over general strategies for when you should publish a page post and how you can use the scheduling tool to curate the best of your content.


Page Posts: Best Practices

Page posts are a way to stay constantly engaged with fans and audiences. Studies have shown that posting about topics related to your brand is the best way to generate engagements. Understanding how post topics relate to engagement can help you improve your content strategy and identify the best content to promote through Ads and [...]


How to Choose a Great Profile Picture

With the introduction of Timeline, Facebook changed the display of profile picture for both Facebook users and pages. Prior to Timeline, profile pictures were of variable height, and often the best strategy was to use a narrow and tall image to maximize the use of screen space. Now, all profile pictures on Facebook are displayed as a square, whether in the News Feed or on the Page itself. Your Page’s profile picture is overlaid on the bottom left corner of your Facebook page, and just to the left of your Page’s name and number of “likes”. Both the design and positioning of the profile picture allows for some creativity, but the degree to which you use either requires some strategy and a consideration of your available resources.


How to Draw in Fans with a Creative Cover Photo

With the switch to Timeline for Facebook pages, cover photos are now one of the most prominent features on the page – and likely one of the first things you are thinking about as a brand or business. Before you start designing your custom cover photo, consider what message you want this photo to convey. Your cover photo, which is the 850 x 315 graphic at the top of your page, is an opportunity to visually demonstrate the mission of not just your business, but the way in which your business wishes to engage with your audience on Facebook. Timeline has revolutionized not only the design of profiles, but how brands can connect with their customers. Before designing your cover photo, consider how you want to leverage the new design of your page to engage with other Facebook users.


Target Page Posts by Language and Location

Reach more people by targeting segments of your audience with posts that are relevant to their location or language.

As Facebook Pages grow, their audience becomes increasingly spread out geographically, and includes many people whose native language is not English. As this happens, it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver a message that resonates with the entire audience, or promote location-specific content or events.

Luckily, administrators of Facebook Pages can choose to post content to specific audiences, by selecting options from a subtle drop-down menu, and choosing to display a post to users within a specific location, or who use Facebook in a specific language:


Getting People To Like Your Page

Managed correctly, your Facebook Page can quickly become your company’s second home on the web, both in how well it ranks on Google and the frequency with which it is visited by your customers and audience.

Because your customers are already on Facebook (spending on average  25-30 minutes each day on the site), they have a significantly higher chance of seeing your brand’s messages within their News Feed than they do of frequently re-visiting your website or any other medium on their own initiative.


How to Effectively Manage Critics, Trolls and Spammers on Facebook Pages

A well-managed Facebook Page allows businesses of all sizes to build a large and engaged community of fans, many of which can and will become loyal customers and advocates of the brand if nurtured correctly and consistently.

As your Page grows in popularity and starts to attract hundreds and thousands of Likes it will also begin to see unwelcome attention from the less-savory members of larger online communities – critics, trolls and spammers. While this is a largely unavoidable side effect of popularity, Page administrators can take steps to ensure that these kinds of members are controlled and removed.


How to Grow Your Page With Like Count Milestone Campaigns

While listening to and engaging with your customers is the top priority for all brands with a presence on Facebook, growing the number of Likes on your Page is also of major importance. There is no recommended maximum for a Page’s Likes – the bigger, the better.

In previous articles we have looked at the value of incentivizing the Like on Facebook Pages, and one of the best ways to do this is through the use of a promotion that encourages existing fans to share and recommend the Page to their friends in exchange for a reward once a predetermined number of Likes has been reached.


Customer Service Basics for Facebook Pages

Facebook isn’t just a broadcast medium, but a two-way conversation between your and your fans. Communicating directly with those who Like your Page by replying to their wall posts and comments on your Page updates can help fans feel appreciated, increasing their loyalty and the likelihood that they’ll follow your calls to action. It can also help you avert customer service disasters and keep conversation on your Page positive and productive. Here we’ll explain the benefits of replying, and walk through how to reply to the four most common types of comments, and how to prioritize different actions when your resources are limited.


Community Management Strategies

Tab Applications

Tab applications allow Pages to run flash or display other types of rich content to users. Through creative use of tab applications, Pages can encourage Liking, run contests, solicit content contribution, present games and provide a more dynamic experience for users. Reordering tabs and setting default landing tabs help keep Pages fresh. Most importantly, by replicating or refining the functionality of an external website in a tab app, admins can create valuable standalone Page users will want to share with friends.


Incentivizing Social Action with Rewards

The following entry takes a look at the ways in which businesses and marketing teams can use online and offline rewards to incentivize user behavior on Facebook. By offering something the user values in return, they’re much more likely to follow your call to action.


10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Page Owner Should Know

While Facebook’s “viral channels” – the News Feed, invitations, and messages – play a central role in the spread of content through Facebook, employing important SEO tactics within your Facebook Page can help your Page reach more and more Facebook fans. While viral distribution can help you reach people your fans are directly connected to, search engine optimization exposes your Facebook Page to Facebook’s entire userbase. In fact, Facebook itself has taken major steps to improve its own SEO during recent weeks and months, creating opportunities for Page owners to benefit directly while creating value for Facebook at the same time. Here are 10 SEO strategies and tactics every Facebook Page owner should know:


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