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The Benefits to Using Threaded Comments

Facebook has enabled threaded comments for all pages. This allows for users to comment on specific comments attached to a post.

For example, if someone were to comment on a photo a page posted, you or a fan can now add an additional comment underneath the original comment. The way it was organized before, comments were ordered by time it was added, causing earlier comments to be hidden while newer ones came in. It was also unclear whether a comment was a response to the original post or to an individual comment.


Facebook Home: What Marketers Can Expect

Facebook has introduced new, robust Android experience called Home, which establishes users’ friends as the focus of their mobile devices. Though it will only be available for select Android devices at first, it will roll out to others through Google Play.

The sleek user experience deeply integrates Facebook’s normal functions such as browsing News Feed, messaging, image sharing and receiving notifications. This article will discuss what to expect from a marketing perspective.


The Pros and Cons of Page Post Ads

Page Post Ads are some of the most common ads when browsing through Facebook. These posts can appear in News Feed and the right side bar. These ads tell a deeper story than a Page Like Ad or a Marketplace Ad, but can have some unintended effects. This article will go through the pros and the cons of using Page Post Ads.


How the Most Liked Pages are Engaging their Audiences

The top five most Liked pages on Facebook range between 67.5 million and 212 million page Likes to market to. Although the sheer volume of fans is impressive, it does not necessarily speak to the overall health of a page. A better way to gauge the success of your Facebook marketing efforts comes from a combination of metrics such as People Talking About This (PTAT) along with page Likes.

This article will look at the top five most Liked pages on Facebook and review how they are engaging their audiences. Using our Facebook metrics tool PageData, we are going to compare each page’s total page Likes and PTAT — the two public metrics available for any page on Facebook. We will also consider the metric of PTAT over Page Likes. This metric will help us see how much of an audience is engaged with a page. It should be noted that users can engage with a page without Liking it, but this metric can give us a general estimate. From here, we can then evaluate how the brand is using Facebook as a marketing channel and offer suggestions for tactics you can employ in your own campaigns.


Why are Call to Actions so Important?

A call to action, or a CTA, is a request for a website visitor to perform an act or an action. So for Facebook, it might be explicitly asking users to Like your page or share a post. It has been found that including a CTA will lead to better results for all types of Facebook engagement.

This article will look to help you understand why calls to action are so important, not just on Facebook, but for all of your marketing.


Understanding Reach Reduction

Due to Facebook’s recent efforts to decrease false likes from fake accounts, some page managers have noticed that their reach has gone down significantly. Though it may seem that your page’s reach has taken a big hit from these changes, there are ways to rectify the situation.

Just because your page’s reach has fallen, it could be seen as a positive for many marketers. Instead of appealing to fake accounts, your page’s reach can now be seen as real leads and potential buyers. This article will look at ways to see how your reach has been affected by these changes and what you can do in response.


Page Posts: Best Practices

Page posts are a way to stay constantly engaged with fans and audiences. Studies have shown that posting about topics related to your brand is the best way to generate engagements. Understanding how post topics relate to engagement can help you improve your content strategy and identify the best content to promote through Ads and [...]


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