Self-Serve Ad Tool

What Types of Conversions Should You Track?

Facebook has enabled marketers to track the actions a user takes when they click an ad. This can be something such as email signups, registrations, checkouts, key page views or anything a marketer would like to track. There is a lot of flexibility here.

By tracking the right things, you will be able to paint the best picture as to how your ads are performing and how users are engaging with your site after clicking the ads. Tracking the right conversions will provide you deeper understanding of what type of impressions you are making on your audience. It can help you better measure the effect of your ads than Facebook’s pre-assigned analytics such as Clicks or Click Through Rate (CTR).

This article will cover what type of conversions you should track with your ads to best understand the performance of your ads. Facebook provides a few default conversions, but you can also customize these to track pretty much any action that a user may take on your page. You just have to attach the code to the resulting page.


How to Use the New Self-Serve Ad Tool

Facebook is making positive strides in creating a tool that small businesses and individuals can use effectively to create campaigns for their pages, apps and other content.

What follows is a walkthrough of what it is like to create a campaign for a Facebook page using the new ad tool. Note that the tool is still in beta and some users might see different variations in design, phrasing or features.


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