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Secondary Measurements with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a large assortment of ad types that you can serve to your audiences. For example, you can run a page like ad to get more people to increase your page likes which will increase your organic reach. You could also run a Page Post Ad for a link which would help to drive more traffic to your site. There are a lot of options here.

Because Facebook ads are so multifaceted, users may engage with your ads and take action differently than intended. For example, you could be running a Link Page Post Ad, but it could be leading to more page likes than clicks. Facebook provides marketers with conversion tracking tools to see which ads are providing conversions as well as other factors. However, not every ad is going to provide a conversion. Facebook has tools in place to track other measurements to help determine success of your ads such as engagement.

This article will discuss what kind of secondary measurements you can expect when purchasing a particular type of Facebook ad, especially ads placed in the News Feed.


The Pros and Cons of Page Post Ads

Page Post Ads are some of the most common ads when browsing through Facebook. These posts can appear in News Feed and the right side bar. These ads tell a deeper story than a Page Like Ad or a Marketplace Ad, but can have some unintended effects. This article will go through the pros and the cons of using Page Post Ads.


The Difference between Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads

Some users have noticed that there have been an assortment of ads introduced to the news feed, however, there is some confusion over what Promoted Posts are and whether or not they are different from Page Post Ads.

These are two different ad types, purchased through different flows and fit into the Facebook ecosystem in different ways. Brands must be aware of the difference between the two ad types to better understand the value of each. By understanding the difference, it will help enable you to create stronger ads and better reach your marketing goals.

This article will go into the difference between the two ad types and explain the advantages and limitations of both. The goal is to create a clearer picture on what to expect when purchasing each type of ad and how each one appears to users. We will explain the implications each ad has in terms of audience and placement.


Ad Placement: Right Hand Column vs News Feed

As we have covered in the Ad Types section of the FMB, there are many types of advertisements options on Facebook. You have been able to purchase ads in the right-hand column for a while now, but Facebook has begun allowing advertisers to purchase ads to appear in the news feed. The news feed is the number one destination for both desktop and mobile browsing so it was a natural transition.

Depending on your marketing campaign, you should decide on which ad type you would like to focus on. This article will go into these different ad types and which would optimal for your ad campaigns.


The Facebook Mobile App Install Ad Checklist [Infographic]

This article originally appeared on the Ampush blog. Ampush helps enterprises leverage the social graph for marketing success. Ampush is part of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program. While you already know integrating your mobile app with Facebook’s SDK allows you to reach millions of new potential users–the question is how do you effectively market the [...]


Why You Should Try Out Page Post Ads

Page Post Ads are a great way to target users and encourage them to engage with your page. Placed in the right-hand sidebar, these ads retain many of the same qualities of marketplace ads and sponsored stories, but allow for more customization through photo, video, polls and other formats.

Page Post Ads are also an option to reach people who are already fans of your page. However, for page posts that you would like to appear more prominent in News Feed, you should use Promoted Posts.


Marketplace Ads vs Sponsored Stories vs Page Post Ads

There are three different types of ads that you can purchase through the Self-Serve Ad tool. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages. This article will look at all three types of ads to help you decide which best fits into your marketing plan.


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