Facebook Ads API

An Introduction to the Facebook Ads API

Last updated April 20, 2012

With access to the Facebook Ads API – approved partners can build additional functionality on top of what Facebook offers through the self-serve ad tool. The Ads API essentially allows a developer to programmatically issue commands that would otherwise be done manually. For example, if you wanted to create 100 ad variants through the Facebook self-serve system – it would require many clicks. You would need to click on the green ‘create an ad’ button, type in all your creative and demographic information, set your price and finally create your ad. You would then need to repeat this process manually 100 times! An Ads API partner could easily build an interface where you enter in 10 creative variations, 10 targeting variations – and with one click of a button, 100 ads are created.

The technology capabilities of an Ads API partner can go much beyond ad creation. For example:

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