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How the Most Liked Pages are Engaging their Audiences

The top five most Liked pages on Facebook range between 67.5 million and 212 million page Likes to market to. Although the sheer volume of fans is impressive, it does not necessarily speak to the overall health of a page. A better way to gauge the success of your Facebook marketing efforts comes from a combination of metrics such as People Talking About This (PTAT) along with page Likes.

This article will look at the top five most Liked pages on Facebook and review how they are engaging their audiences. Using our Facebook metrics tool PageData, we are going to compare each page’s total page Likes and PTAT — the two public metrics available for any page on Facebook. We will also consider the metric of PTAT over Page Likes. This metric will help us see how much of an audience is engaged with a page. It should be noted that users can engage with a page without Liking it, but this metric can give us a general estimate. From here, we can then evaluate how the brand is using Facebook as a marketing channel and offer suggestions for tactics you can employ in your own campaigns.


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