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What Facebook Means by the 20% Rule for Cover Photos, News Feed Posts

Facebook has changed its policy regarding text overlay on pages’ cover photos and news feed ads, limiting text to only 20 percent of an image.

Facebook previously had policy in place restricting “calls to action” and “price and purchase information” to prevent advertisers from sharing images that looked more like traditional banner ads. Now the social network will allow calls to action in news feed ads and promoted posts as long as the text takes up less than 20 percent of the area of the image.


How To Promote a Page Using the Promote Button

Promoted posts have the benefit of displaying in fans’ News Feeds rather than in ad units on the side of the page. Facebook also says friends of the people who interact with promoted posts will be more likely to see the story in their feeds. The cost per reached fan seems to vary by page, but Facebook would not comment on what factors may influence price. The minimum spend appears to be $5, which can reach between 20 and 2,200 fans, based on different screenshots we’ve seen of the feature. This is a lifetime budget, not a daily budget.

Posts can be promoted for up to three days from when the post was first created. Older posts are not eligible for this type of promotion in order to maintain relevance in users’ feeds. Promoted posts, like standard posts, can be targeted by location and language.


7 Tips on Using Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are a way to ensure you reach all of your fans. Though it will cost you, promoted posts are a great tool to amplify the reach of certain Facebook posts. If you view our Case Studies, Promoted Posts have helped many other businesses already.

Because of EdgeRank and other factors, the majority of your page posts go unseen. Facebook estimates that only 16 percent of a page’s fans see a post, depending on how engaged your fans are. Promoted posts can help bring these posts to light and ensure proper engagement from fans.

This article will look at ways to take advantage of Promoted Posts for your business. To get the most out of your investment, we will cover some of the necessary precautions you should take before selecting your promoted posts.


Using Facebook Promoted Posts For Some Great Results

This post was written by Adam Pedley, managing director of Binkd. Binkd is a social media contest platform. This blog was originally posted on the Binkd Blog and he has graciously allowed us to post it here. You can access the original post here. First, Lets Clear Up Some Confusion One of the many reactions [...]


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