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Build a Custom Landing Tab using Static

Luxury apparel brand Lacoste has built up a Page on Facebook that has almost six million fans, and it has done so with the help of a landing page that encourages first-time visitors to immediately interact with it, either by Liking the Page or by using a branded application.


E-commerce Within Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook offers a big new opportunity for increasing brand loyalty, but there’s also a way to earn money directly from the social network’s built in audience of hundreds of millions of users. Ecommerce delivered through Page tab applications can help you to generate a return on investment that is easy to measure.

In this first installment of a Facebook Marketing Bible series on ecommerce, we’ll discuss what features to look for when choosing what ecommerce storefront app to use for your business. We’ll list the features, such as product  catalog importing, checkout, design, and promotion, and explain why each is important and what choice is best for different business types. In future articles, we’ll look at specific types of implementations in more detail, as well as which third-party companies provide applications and other services to enable them on and off Facebook.


Building Facebook Apps Vs Integrating Facebook Off-Site: A Quick Guide to What’s Best for You

Facebook offers two parts of its platforms for developers, brands, and media publishers to build on. One is the Facebook canvas — the pages on where apps are located — and the other is Facebook Connect, the catch-all name for a variety of ways to integrate Facebook off the site.

We’ve written out a brief guide below for marketers and developers who are thinking about where to build, with advice for specific goals like gaining widespread visibility or directly monetizing users.

Note that while Facebook itself stopped using the “Connect” term in 2010, it’s still commonly used inside and outside the company to refer to non-canvas options, mainly the Graph API and the Open Graph protocol, but also Instant Personalization on third-party websites, “Facebook for Wesbsites”(which are Facebook social plugins), as well as other features, like its single sign-on service for Facebook-integrated mobile apps.


Using Facebook Tabs to Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns and Lower CPC Rates

Advertisers have the option to create ads with a specific landing tab of a Page as the ad’s destination. Here we’ll provide strategies for how to maximize returns from destination tab ads that point to welcome tabs that are appropriate for all visitors, Facebook’s native tabs, tabs that drive specific types of conversions such as contact info collection or sales, and demographic-specific custom welcome tabs.

Page Destination Tab Basics

Facebook ads created through the self-serve tool can have a specific tab of a Page set as their destination. This allows you to run multiple ad campaigns for different tabs simultaneously, or run ads that target a specific demographic and deliver those users to a landing tab that is especially relevant to them.

To run destination tab ads


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