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Facebook Like to Unlock Plugin

Some websites are using a feature that requires visitors to Like their page on Facebook to unlock the content on their site. Some websites opt to use a timer and allow access to the site after users wait the allotted time. This article will look at ways you can implement this into your own website through Wordpress or paid plugins.


Implementation Options: Like Button

The Like button is an embeddable plugin for third-party websites and Facebook apps. When clicked by a Facebook user, it publishes the piece of content the button is attached to to the user’s wall and the news feeds of their friends. In many cases it also causes the Liked object to appear in the user’s profile and allows the owner of the button to publish news feed updates to the user in the future.

Facebook offers several different implementations of its Like button social plugin. Here we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different stylistic options, and provide a guide for choosing the Like button implementation that will drive the most clicks and thereby generate the most referral traffic for your website.


How to send updates to users who like a website (Stream Updates)

Once Like Buttons have been installed on an Open Graph website or application, admins  can select to publish updates to the separate Likers of each button as if they had Liked a Facebook Page

By sending updates which pertain to the specific content the users have Liked, businesses can achieve much higher click-through rates than by sending general updates, and avoid spamming all their users with content which is only relevant to a few.

To publish to those who have clicked a specific Like Button:


Where to put the Like Button on a Page?

Facebook’s Like button can help a variety of sites forge communication channels with their visitors and generate referral traffic from Facebook. We’ve previously published a Like button style guide for choosing between the various Like button formats, and a walk-through of how to pick the Open Graph meta tags that will maximize the lifetime value of your Like buttons. In the third installment of this series on using the Like button, we’ll look at examples of what kinds of content sites can add Like buttons to and what types of posts to publish to those who click these buttons.


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