Facebook Connect Integration Best Practices From the Platform Showcase

Facebook’s Developers site hosts the Facebook Platform Showcase, which displays examples of Facebook integrations on third-party websites. Many of these integrations demonstrate best practices that can be applied by developers, web publishers, and brand marketers to their own sites. Here we’ll look at four of the best integrations, break out their most valuable strategies, and explain how they can be generalized to other sites.


The Future of Sharing on Facebook: A Hybrid Public/Private Model

Note: This Interview was originally published in early 2010

Recently, Inside Network’s Justin Smith talked with Mark Zuckerberg about the future of sharing on Facebook. Mark said he believed that content on Facebook is headed toward a hybrid model in which some information shared by users can be private and some information shared by users can be public, depending on users’ preferences. While the ways Facebook is encouraging users to open up has earned it some criticism, at the end of the day, Facebook has signaled that it wants to encourage both private and public sharing.


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