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Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry: Eat24

Last updated September 12, 2012

Many different businesses in the restaurant industry have used their Facebook page to connect with their customers on a very personal level. In the case of Eat24, a food delivery service spanning across 750+ major cities, they have used Facebook as a fun and interactive way for fans to contact them quickly and directly. The service has makes an effort to establish themselves as a responsive group and personally writes back to each fan that comments on their Facebook timeline. Presented with the chance to learn more, we talked to Eat24 and about their facebook presence and gained a few takeaways from their page.

1. Make things personal

Conversing with customers over Facebook is a very personal experience. For a lot of people, Facebook is the first website that they visit and the last thing they check before getting off of the computer. They not only use it every day, but are constantly connected to it through smartphones and/or tablet browsing.

From their own words, one of the biggest things that Eat24 is doing is “making each customer’s experience special”. By taking a look at their page, they are creating a conversation with customers instead of making solely about their service. Many of the posts are themed with food and are easily digestible for fans of the page.

2. Create a conversation

Eat24 uses memes and other pictures to get people talking on their page. From this post in particular, they have received over 70 comments on this post which can be seen as a deeper engagement as a like. As they say themselves, “Any post that gets people talking = a win in our book.”

They also keep a variety of posts throughout the week. This keeps topics fresh and allows for fans to actually look forward to what you have to post. The more often people engage with your posts, the larger the EdgeRank for your page and the higher likelihood these posts appear in fans news feeds.

3. Provide Perks

Eat24 incentivizes connecting to them through Facebook. This is also a strategy to increase EdgeRank and page views. These coupons aren’t killer deals or anything, but is inviting to get people to continue to use the service.

4. Customers Problems = Your Problems

There are some cases where a customer is not satisfied with their experience and they use Facebook to share these cases. One example is below:

In this case, the problem is unrelated to their service, but they have gone above and beyond for their customer’s satisfaction. They have created an ownership for their company which looks to be received well.

5. Social Media is not a one person job

If you’re anticipating large engagement from your page, it is not practical to think that one person can handle all of the workload. Eat24 tells us that they have up to 4 people from their marketing team working in shifts to help manage their page. You can use Admin Roles to help manage your page without giving all the permissions to a page moderator.

6. Social Media doesn’t stop at Facebook

Eat24 shares with us that Facebook is not the only channel they are using to connect with their customers. They are using other social media options such as Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr to name a few. With such a large userbase, Facebook should definitely be a priority for business, but is not the catchall for social media. Establishing your company on all platforms will only help to ensure more eyes see your content and your brand.

Eat24 is a great example of a company that prides themselves on their Facebook presence and uses it to connect with their fans on a personal level. They have told us that they do not dedicate that much on advertising, however, they still show a huge emphasis on marketing. Their customer service prowess through social media is something that many businesses can learn from for their own pages.

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