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Why Your Super Bowl Ad Budget is Better Spent on Facebook

Last updated February 4, 2013

This article was written by Vernon Wharff, a marketing strategist at Ampush. It was originally posted on the Ampush blogAmpush helps enterprises leverage the social graph for marketing success. Ampush is part of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program.

The Super Bowl is the single largest television event in the United States, and one of its biggest cultural zeitgeists. Over one-third of the entire U.S. population tunes in to watch at least a part of the broadcast — there’s no wonder why advertisers are shelling out $4 million for a 30-second spot during Super Bowl XLVII. But what if those advertising dollars were instead allocated toward a digital ad campaign on Facebook?
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Everyone knows that Facebook is huge, but they may not realize you can engage consumers with far greater scale, precision, and measurable ROI than a Super Bowl commercial spot. We recently ran an experiment here at Ampush to apply real campaign performance data to various hypothetical $4 million Facebook ad buy scenarios. Here were the key insights:

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According to AllFacebook.com, half of all Facebook advertisers see at least a 5x return on their ad spend and 70% of these advertisers experience at least a 3x return. Facebook advertising lets your company engage exactly the right consumers at scale, and in a measurable way, to promote your brand across platforms such as mobile, desktop, and your website.

While the Super Bowl comes with plenty of the hype, dollar for dollar your brand will benefit more from a well-designed Facebook advertising campaign. The only hurdle is making sure your organization has access to the right technology and insights to meet your marketing objectives at a large scale.

Ampush is a social technology company helping brands and apps grow by leveraging the viral power of referred intent on Facebook. Learn how our solutions can work for you at ampush.com.

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