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Last updated June 29, 2012

The Facebook Like button has been a way to easily share content on the web. However, mobile applications have not been able to integrate into this functionality. Facebook has recently announced that the Like button is now available as a built in Open Graph action for mobile applications. Developers can now design how Like, as an Open Graph action, fits into the core user experience of any app. Facebook has enabled the ability to build a custom in-app “like button.” This button works across any mobile and web platform and helps improve in-app content relevance as well as additional distribution on Facebook.

For Developers

Developers should design their apps to provide an in-app “like button” that could be clicked on. By having an in-app “like button”, apps can benefit from additional distribution on Facebook through stories in the Facebook Open Graph.

For example, when somebody likes a picture through Instagram, it will also be published on Facebook as an action.

Pictured here, you can see that somebody can now use the like button in separate, respective apps.

Which leads to a notification and story on Facebook itself.

A successful publish of a built-in Like action will appear as an Open Graph story in all places that other Open Graph action stories appear (Ticker, News Feed, Timeline, Activity Log). This establishes a more prominent mobile and web presence.

For more information about the developer side of this feature, Facebook has released this walkthrough.

Because Facebook is sometimes considered the end-all social media platform, using Built-In Like is an effective way to establish a place in a user’s mobile behaviors. The Like button is the lightest way to share new things on the web and by streamlining different app’s likes into Facebook’s Open Graph, it increases visibility for app developers as well as marketers.

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