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George Takei’s Tactics in Creating a Social Media Following

Last updated November 7, 2012

George Takei is a 75 year old Japanese American actor famous for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original TV version of Star Trek. Most recently, Takei has established himself as a social media powerhouse with over 2 million Facebook fans. Though the number of likes his page has collected is nothing to scoff at, the rate of engagement his posts garner is what is most impressive.

With only 2 million fans, Takei’s posts receive anywhere from 40,000 likes and 50,000 shares. His posts receive just as much engagement as bigger name celebrities/companies boasting over 30 million fans. Movie star Zac Efron has around the same number of fans (around 2 million), but does not see the engagement numbers as Takei. Even Eminem, the most liked public figure on facebook, does not see the engagement numbers that Takei creates.

This article will look at ways to employ Takei’s tactics for marketing your own Facebook Page. It will look at how Takei takes advantage of his audience’s responsiveness and what motivates them to engage with his content.

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