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Page Posts: Best Practices

Last updated July 31, 2012

Page posts are a way to stay constantly engaged with fans and audiences. Studies have shown that posting about topics related to your brand is the best way to generate engagements. Understanding how post topics relate to engagement can help you improve your content strategy and identify the best content to promote through Ads and Sponsored Stories.

Engagement Drivers

Depending on the type of engagement you wish to achieve, there are a couple of ways to drive a more responsive audience.

If your goal is to generate shares:

  • Post topics related to the brand
  • Use photos, photo albums and videos

This post uses a picture and provides a clear call to action asking users to “share” this Coke with a friend. Coke has made this post related to Christmas and has utilized the holiday as a way to generate shares. This type of post can be shared virally. Coke has made it something personal for users, encouraging people to share with friends that are close to them. Those friends could also share this with additional friends.

If your goal is to generate likes:

  • Post on topics related to the brand
  • Post a clear call to action, for example “Like this if…”

This post may lack a picture, but retains a clear call to action. In this case, the succinctness of the post works to its advantage, making the engagement as lightweight as possible. The copy is also strategically worded to still retain the brand they are trying to sell as well. They are using Coke as an aspect of a good day and the amount of likes is a confirmation of this idea.

If your goal is to generate comments:

  • Post on topics related to the brand
  • Ask a question in the post

This is an example of a “Fill in the Blank” post. This post creates a conversation within the community and encourages comments. These types of posts emphasize the collaborative nature of Facebook page posts and make it more of a two-way relationship.

There are also three different types of content (I will be using Coca Cola as the main example):

Messages about the product or service

This is an example of a post that is specific to the product or service. These posts are typically updates on the product or service. Some brands use these posts to update fans on current events and new developments of the brand. These posts are directly relevant to the brand/company. Since they are specific updates, these posts can even be considered as time sensitive.

In this case, Coke is posting about how its secret formula will be displayed to the public for the first time. The post is acting as a way to notify fans of the new exhibit, hopefully piquing their interest in visiting the World of Coca-Cola museum. The focus of this post is specifically on the product itself and how it is changing or what is being introduced.

Messages related to the brand


This is an example of a post that is applicable to everyday life, but is connected to the brand. Messages that are related to a brand are not specific to the brand, but are still connected to the brand. These aren’t updates but are small details that are easy to relate to and can even be common knowledge. It is common to see these types of posts on slow news days or days where there are no updates.

For the post above, the copy is directed to the audience. The content of the post is focused on the audience and how the audience can do this on their own. It is something that can be done with any soda can, but the post relates it back to Coke.

Messages unrelated to the brand


Messages that are unrelated to the brand typically mirror a user’s personal Facebook page. These can be posts that say “Good Morning!”, celebrate a holiday or can even be a funny video. These type of posts add character and personality to a page. These posts can be used as a tool to make a brand seem more social and personable to fans.

For this post, Coke has created an image to celebrate March 14th also known as Pi Day. Coke has nothing to do with Pi or pie, but still made a post in response to the date. Internet users are more than likely aware of Pi Day and Coke’s post is a great reflection on how Coke is connected to the web. It may not be related to the brand, but responding to events like this gives the page personality.

By optimizing your Page posting strategy, you can maximize your success for the engagement you are looking to drive. Page Insights are a very useful tool in tracking your success in creating engagement. Posts that are shared more widely are the posts getting the most engagement.

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